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Sweet Treats To Give For Valentine's Day

The sweetest day of the year is coming right up! Thinking of giving sweet treats to your friends, colleagues, and family? Still looking for that delectable dessert to share with your significant other? Look no further!

Madam’Roselle by Cat & the Fiddle

It’s a non-bake cheesecake with a healthy twist. Cat & the Fiddle’s Madam’Roselle Valentine’s cake has its signature creamy cheese mousse on a crunchy biscuit base then layered with yoghurt and pillowy finger sponge. It also has roselle tea, which contains a host of health benefits, such as normalising high blood pressure and cholesterol. Standard price is S$48.90 but order earlier to get a discount!

Photo source: Cat & the Fiddle

Strawberry Shortcake by The Fullerton Hotels Singapore

Planned a romantic lunch or dinner at The Fullerton Heritage precinct? Don’t forget some sweet takeaways. Drop by the Cake Boutique at The Fullerton Hotels Singapore on 14 February and get your hands on the Strawberry Shortcake with Japanese biscuits and fresh crème infused with Madagascar vanilla and topped with sweet, tangy strawberry compote. It’s priced at S$78 nett per 1 kg. 

Photo source: The Fullerton Hotels Singapore

Melonova and The White Swan by Antoinette

Sorry, these beautiful creations are not for keeps! But they are certainly gifts that any recipient can’t resist. Give your loved one the best of Paris with Antoinette’s Melonova and The White Swan desserts. Visit Antoinette at Penhas Road or Mandarin Gallery for more of their sweet offerings. Hurry, they’re only available for a limited time! 

Photo source: Antoinette Instagram

Kuma Parfait by Baristart Coffee

For the Japanese, it’s the women who give men presents during Valentine’s Day. So surprise him with this new sweet creation from Baristart Coffee. Using specially imported Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk, the Kuma Parfait combines chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, raspberry, strawberry, cookies, chocolate milk pudding, cream, chocolate cake crumbs, and crunch caramel. It’s available until 17 February.  

Photo source: Baristart Coffee


Carpenters by Flor Patisserie

“Why do birds suddenly appear… just like me, they long to be close to you…” Just like this Carpenters song, we long to take a bite at this! The inspiration for this palm-sized cake (yup, that just means for you and your love) is Japan’s Shiroi Koibito snack. The cake is made out of white chocolate and hazelnut praline sandwiched between layers of flaky millefeuille, then topped with strawberries. Yours at $32.10. Nothing but love for Flor Patisserie’s Japanese-French fusion cakes! 

Photo source: Flor Patisserie Instagram

Midnight Lovers and Sweet Devotion by Cold Stone Creamery

Shy of expressing your love for a special person? Let these freshly made Petite Cakes from Cold Stone Creamery do the talking for you. Midnight Lovers features moist Devil’s Food Cake with layers of rich and intense chocolate ice cream wrapped in chocolate ganache. Not a chocolate person? There’s the white and red Sweet Devotion, made of layers of Red Velvet cakes and strawberry ice cream wrapped in white creamy frosting. Note that you have to make an advance order of 5 working days from 6 to 28 February. 

Photo source: Cold Stone Creamery

Summer Berry by Chalk Farm

Chalk Farm’s cakes are not just a feast for the palate but for the eyes too! This elegant Instagrammable Summer Berry cake is made out of vanilla sponges, cream, and berries that are “fit for angels.” It serves 10 and is priced at S$80. How about giving this as a surprise dessert after lunch or dinner with the family?

Photo source: Chalk Farm Instagram

Valentine’s Cakes and DIY Cakes by The Icing Room Singapore

Perfect and affordable, The Icing Room Singapore’s cakes are sure to make your loved one happy without beating the budget. Want a more personal touch? Go for their do-it-yourself cakes and pour your heart out! The Icing Room prides itself as the first to offer the DIY decorative service. This means the cakes are pre-made and all you need to do is style it. You can even do it online. Giving it to mom? Decorate the cake with your kids and make a bonding experience out of it! 

Photo source: The Icing Room Singapore