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Take Your Home Cooking To The Next Level With These Easy Recipes

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Looking to level up your cooking skills? Racking your brains over what to cook for your little one? Don’t fret. Here’s a list of easy recipes, ranging from sweet treats to savoury dishes, that are sure to appeal to both kids and adults alike!

Fish Tacos

With the right blend of herbs and spices, this simple yet flavourful dish is sure to make even the fussiest eater’s mouth water. Follow this easy step-by-step video tutorial to make the perfect fish tacos for you and your family now!

Ragù Lasagna

One of the masters of the culinary world, Jamie Oliver, has brought to you one of his straight-forward, delicious lasagna recipes! A great mix of nutrition and tastiness, follow the recipe even more closely here to recreate this amazing meal. 

Chocolate Mousse

You can never, ever go wrong with chocolate. Not only is this recipe trouble-free as it only requires two ingredients, it is also proven to whip up a scrumptious chocolate dessert that will make any sweet tooth very happy. 

Roasted Cauliflower 

Prepare this tasty vegetable dish in less than an hour! Caramelised and crispy, even kids who normally abstain from eating vegetables will not be able to resist this. For more detailed instructions, click here

Flavoured Mug Cakes

Rushing for time? These one-minute mug cakes are perfect for parents on-the-go as they don’t require any oven baking, and yet will turn out extremely gorgeous. Let your imagination and creativity flow and design your own mug cake now!

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