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YouTube is a useful platform for learning especially for kids who learn way more easily with visual aids like videos. If your little one is at the stage where they are ready to learn the English language, there are a lot of videos on YouTube that can help them. 

It could be overwhelming to search among the tons of available materials on the site. To make your job a bit easier, here are some great videos on phonics you can start with. Just hit “play” and let the learning begin!

#1 Alphablocks Learn to Read | Phonics for Kids | Letter Sounds – O, G, K, C

From the “CBeebies” TV channel owned by BBC, this YouTube video will teach your child how to pronounce and correctly use letters O, G, K, and C, with entertaining characters that will keep your child engaged. The video now has over 4 million views on YouTube. If you want them to learn phonics with the complete 26 letters of the alphabet, check out the Alphablocks playlist, where each letter comes to life with a unique character for easier familiarisation.

#2 Preschool Prep Company Meet the Phonics – Letter Sounds (FREE) | Preschool Prep Company

Introduce your child to letters and get their attention with the help of letter characters, from a little banana for ‘B’ to the smart inventor for ‘I.’ With over 8 million views, your child is sure to learn more about phonics while being entertained. The Preschool Prep Company has released educational books & DVDs that are used at homes and in schools around the world. 

#3 KidsTV123 Phonics Song

What happens when music and language are woven together? Learning becomes more fun. This video featuring a phonics song will make it easier for your child to remember how to pronounce the letters. They can sing along to it too. The KidsTV123 channel is known for educational songs for children, toddlers, and even babies with over 3 million subscribers.

#4 Pebbles Live Phonics Course Level 1 | Learn Phonics For Kids | Alphabet Sounds | Phonics For Pre School

This video comes with an explanation in the form of storytelling, which makes it even more relatable to kids. The interactive computer graphics and animation will also keep their attention on the screen intact while the basics of phonics are being taught. More than this topic, the Pebbles Live channel is perfect for young and young-at-hearts who want to learn new things through edutainment.

#5 Hooplakidz Phonics Songs + More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs – HooplaKidz

 Yet another song your little one will find hard to miss is the Phonics Song by Hooplakidz. Sing along to the letters and some samples that your kids will always remember. HooplaKidz, a popular channel for preschoolers and made famous because of its cool characters Annie, Ben and Mango, put a twist to well-loved nursery rhymes and songs.

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