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The Angbao Woes: How Much Is Too Much?

Have you got your new notes ready yet? If not, you’d better hurry! With Chinese New Year being only days away, we thought we could share our personal thoughts on the giving of red packets. How much exactly is too much?


Credit: CoolRiceBunnies

Red packet, aka hongbao or angpao, is a gift of money that is given as a token of good wishes during auspicious occasions such as Chinese New Year. Based on a quick chat we’ve had with a handful of friends, it is safe to say that there is an existing price range for angpao giving, with the lowest that we’ve heard of at $2 and highest at $200.


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In fact, we’ve even heard of that there is an existing practice of giving different amounts of money based on the receiver’s status. For example, parents’ of married couples would receive the largest portion of the pool of angpao money as it is a way for them to repay their parents for bringing them up through these years. Children of the couple will be the second in line, followed by nephews and nieces and then children of friends and colleagues and so on.


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Just in case you haven’t check out this year’s Chinese New Year angpao market rate, here’s a pretty cheeky one that we found.


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Although times have changed and so have traditions, shouldn’t we focus more on setting aside more quality time with our family and friends, especially when we live hectic and busy lives in Singapore and barely have the time to hang out as often as we want?

What are your thoughts on these annual Chinese New Year angpao market rates? How much is too much? Let us know your thoughts as we would love to hear from you.