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Just like every other room in your home, the nursery requires just as much (if not more) thought put in when sprucing up its interior. The nursery is the one place where your little one will spend a large part of his or her time, and thus it is vital to create a comfortable and inviting environment where your child can feel at ease.

Your child is more visually-aware of the surroundings than you may think, and so simply choosing your favourite colour, or matching the colour of your nursery according to the rest of your home, may not necessarily do the trick. It is important to understand which colour schemes work best to create a nursery that feels like home for your little one, and one that also makes it easier for you to tuck your little dreamer into bed. 

#1 Cool colour schemes

When it comes to the nursery, it is almost like an unspoken rule for us to think of nursery interiors bathed in soft, pastel shades as opposed to bold and loud colours. This subconscious thought does not come unjustified as soft, cool colours are definitely preferred for nursery interiors due to their inviting and soothing properties.

Photo credit: Tamsyn – Pink Milk and Ponies


Soft blues conjure the image of clear skies, fluffy clouds, and sparkling seas—creating a refreshing and inviting atmosphere. These bright, cool hues also do an excellent job in reflecting light and making the nursery space appear more spacious and open. Blue is also said to reduce feelings of anxiety and aggression, calming the mind and body, thus making it an effective colour option for your nursery to help ease your little one to sleep.

Tip: Go for lighter shades of blue to avoid an overly-gloomy atmosphere for your nursery!

Photo Credit: A Touch Of Pink

Photo credit: A Touch Of Pink


Like blue, pink is another standard colour palette for the nursery for nothing says “boy” and “girl” as blatantly as painting your nursery walls a boyish blue or a sweet pink, respectively. Pink channels the idea of femininity and affection, making it the ideal shade for a warm, nurturing, and love-filled nursery. However, pink is also an easy to colour to grow out off, thus, opt for softer and subtler shades of pink that tend to be more lasting.

Photo Credit: Project Nursery


Capable of being both soothing and energising, green is the perfect colour to decorate your nursery with. The representative colour of nature, green reminds us of lush forests and rolling plains, transporting us virtually into these tranquil, green havens, and thus making us feel calm and at ease. Incorporating a soothing green interior into your nursery can thus make tucking your little ones to bed a breeze. Additionally, green reduces anxiety and promotes concentration, making it an optimal colour option to have if your nursery is designed to be a place for learning as well.

Photo Credit: Decoist

Photo credit: Decoist


A little more unconventional is to go for a purple colour palette. Associated with wisdom and spirituality, purple can be a good long-term colour option for nurseries that are intended to be converted into study spaces. Faint shades of purple like lilac and lavender also do well in creating a soothing, serene atmosphere to help make the nursery a more optimal place for sleep.

Photo Credit: Kelley Nan

Photo credit: Kelley Nan

#2 Neutrals

Gender-neutral hues like whites, creams, and greys tend to be the easiest colour palettes to digest and work with. These colours are timeless and never go out of style, ensuring they work well through the years as your child grows older. Accessorising becomes more straightforward as well with a neutral base, as almost anything pairs well with these universal shades. For an extra snug atmosphere, decorate your light interior with furniture and accessories of different textures, like wood and wool, linens, and curtains. Neutral shades are also not too over-stimulating and easier on the eyes, thus allowing your child to feel more relaxed and ready for sleep.

Tip: A bare and glaring white interior can feel too cold and unwelcoming, so make sure to warm up your white interior with more natural tones and earthy textures like greens and browns.

Photo Credit: Project Nursery

Photo credit: Project Nursery

#3 Warm colours

Sunny, warm hues like reds, oranges, and yellows are less popular colour choices when it comes to the nursery. While they are effective in making the nursery space appear smaller and cosier, their cheery and stimulating properties do not exactly make it any easier for parents to put their already energetic children to sleep. But that is not to say that we should completely rule out the use of rich shades in our nurseries. A tip is to use warm colours in less striking shades, or to use these shades in moderation—such as painting them on just one accent wall—so as to not make the nursery space too stimulating for your child.

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