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The ‘Four Generations Challenge’ Is 2019’s Most Wholesome Meme Yet

The nature of social media memes and challenges usually range anywhere from eyebrow-raising escapades to utterly nutty stunts. But the latest challenge to dominate social media platforms is unexpectedly heart-warming. First gaining traction on Chinese social media app Douyin, the aptly-titled “Four Generations Challenge” sees four generations of the same family coming together in a video.

Starting from the youngest member of the family, the child beckons for their parent, who then calls out for their parent, who then calls their parent. By the time the great-grandparent makes his or her grand appearance, your heart will be full of warm and fuzzy feelings.

To no one’s surprise, Internet reactions have been really positive.

While there have been other less pleasant challenges dotting the 2019 social media landscape (like #birdboxchallenge, which is just a bad idea), we hope this heart-warming number sets the tone for the year to come.

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