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Raising a music lover may not have crossed your mind as most parents tend to focus on core academic subjects. But do you know that music education can go a long way than simply nurturing a hobby or satisfying a curiosity?

Let these reasons back you up when choosing to enroll your child in a music enrichment class.

#1 It enhances social skills

A group class teaches children valuable social skills. Here they learn to interact, collaborate, and learn from kids their age. If music is your little one’s interest and they’re exposed to an environment with children who are likewise inclined to music, they’re most likely to feel a sense of belonging. In a music class, children are either taught to play a musical instrument or create a tune. Eitherway, they’re given the opportunity to work as a team in order to showcase a piece.

#2 Music becomes an outlet for expression

Is your child shy? Perhaps introducing music will help them become more expressive. Music, as with all forms of art, can be a great creative outlet for children who are just yet to discover their place in the world. If your child doesn’t have that many friends in school, consider music class as a form of social community, where all kids get to be themselves and proudly express by playing an instrument or learning how to create a melody.

#3 It improves language skills

Recent studies have shown that musical training aids in developing the left part of a person’s brain, the portion responsible for processing language. That said, music education can help your child develop communication skills and strengthen the ability to retain information.

#4 It boosts confidence

Knowing they have an extra skill other than the ones taught in school will give your child a self-esteem boost. It also gives them the courage to perform in front of people and the ability to accept that everyone is a work in progress. Enrolling in a music enrichment class will show your child how a skill is honed from scratch and how it takes time and effort to learn how to do something.

#5 Music can help relieve stress

Aside from being an outlet for creativity, having a music class to turn to especially during tough times will help relieve stress that kids normally feel from school. If listening to their favourite song makes them feel better, how much more when they play their own? Music training can be a venue for kids to calm down and deal with negative emotions they’re facing at the moment.

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