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No matter the situation, there is always room to improve! Here are some tips to help you along on your parenthood journey. Check out what you can work on from one to ten, you’ll find that it’s not that hard to strengthen the bond with your children.

  1. Spending Quality Time Together
    It’s normal for kids to grow apart from family members as they get older, however setting aside some time to spend quality time together allows you to get to know them better at different stages. Whether it’s a family activity or chatting about current topics, this is a great way to strengthen the emotional bond you share.
  2. Being A Good Listener
    There are many times when we expect children to listen to our instructions so that they refrain from accidents, making mistakes or any type of misbehaviour. Likewise, it’s important to give them a supportive listening ear to better understand them. There may be times when you can’t give the best advice for each problem they might have, but listening to their fears, anxieties and doubts is a step in the right direction.
  3. Being Patient
    Nobody is perfect and we all have our kinks and rough edges. Whether it’s something you want your child to improve on or something that you want to work on as a parent, it takes time for changes to happen.
  4. Setting A Good Example
    Most children learn by example and see the things that parents do more often than they listen to what parents say. It’s important to be a role model in all aspects, since you are the first role model they look up to, so that your children can follow in your footsteps.
  5. Setting Boundaries Precisely
    Once a child learns that a certain rule can be changed under certain circumstances (if they were not well thought out), they might take advantage of it and mistake it for leniency. Remember to stick to the same boundaries and be firm so that the children will abide by them.
  6. Showing Firmness While Being Fair
    Children definitely need to be bound by rules, but the rules need to be fair to the whole family. The communication of these rules should always be non-threatening and non-abusive. Remember to explain where necessary so that children respect you and are not fearful of you.
  7. Learning New Things
    There are always new things to learn as a parent and being open to new parenting methods or tips will add to your self-growth. There are also many trends and fads that often lead to us misunderstanding our children, so learning about new topics will further help you to understand your child.
  8. Empathising With Your Child
    Between a parent and child, there will always be a countless number of disagreements, and we often forget what goes on through a child’s mind. Every so often, put yourself in your child’s shoes to see their perspective before judging them. Being forgiving and understanding will help the family maintain that strong bond.
  9. Using Appreciation Instead Of Condemnation
    Positive parenting is key – to instil rules and boundaries without your child resenting you or fearing you, tell them what to do instead of what they should refrain from doing and reward them for positive behaviour.
  10. Showing Unconditional Love
    Everyone needs a touch of endearment everyday, and the place that is filled with love since children are born is their homes. No matter how much they’ve grown up, it’s important to show them visible signs of affection especially with words. 

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