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Creative writing, unlike other skills taught in school, tends to be taken for granted. Some parents may dismiss the idea of honing their child’s creative writing skills and instead, focus more on skills in Math or Science, for example. 

But do you know that writing helps a child express even better? Creative writing is more than just a hobby. It encourages a child to use imagination, create stories, and improve communication skills.

How do you nurture your little one’s love for the written art? Start with the simple tips below.

#1 Expose them to literature

It’s a common belief that a person who loves to read is more likely to develop a passion for writing. Expose your child to different types of literature. Stock up on books and encourage them to read, read, and read. Educate them about authors and book genres. You may also visit libraries and museums with your kids or watch movie adaptations of famous books to widen their knowledge about literature.

#2 Let them tell a story

Before jumping off to writing an actual plot, ask your child questions that help create a story. Creative writing requires one’s imagination to be at work. What character do they want to develop? What sets the mood and environment of the story? Allow them to imagine first, then write it down when they’re most ready. The key is to not pressure them into creating something right away but guiding them throughout the process. 

#3 Encourage them to write

The best way to hone one’s skills is to start somewhere. Buy your kid a journal and pen (or if your child has a tablet, that works too!), and encourage them to scribble down thoughts and write whatever comes to mind. Don’t rush them into penning entire essays or poems. Let them start with simple thoughts or have them read a story and rewrite it using their own interpretation. You can also be creative about it: ask your child to write a letter to their favourite movie character or describe a specific place or scenario. As they say, practice makes perfect!

#4 Be patient

Your encouragement is crucial to developing your child’s skills, including creative writing. Give them opportunities to write, draw, scribble, or express themselves through stories. Set aside a time to check on what they’ve been writing. Proofread or correct their grammar if you have to and give constructive feedback, not just criticisms. Refining your child’s creative writing skills requires your dedication too as parents.

#5 Enroll them in a writing class

If you want to take your dedication a notch higher, enrolling your child to a formal writing class is a good option too. There, your child will get professional guidance, access to writing exercises and modules, and the opportunity to meet kids who have the same interest as your budding author.

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