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Your search for the perfect kids Christmas song is over for Santa Shark is here and ready to play (on repeat). Every parent who currently has young children will definitely be familiar with Baby Shark, the catchy kid’s song that has taken the world by storm. And just when we thought it’d be time to swop out that earworm for some jolly jingles, the global phenomenon returns – with an underwater crew of elves and reindeer in tow.

Brought to the world by popular YouTube channel, Super Simple Songs (not the folks behind the original bop), this festive makeover sees the iconic “Baby shark, doo, doo, do-do-, do-do” line replaced with “Santa shark, ho, ho, ho-ho, ho-ho”. And instead of introducing Baby Shark’s many family members, this edition details the merry gang’s adventure as they make, wrap and deliver presents to all of the undersea animals.

Baby Shark-weary parents won’t have much to worry about either. Santa Shark is a far mellower (and more enjoyable) version of the original, which makes this rendition perfect for playing on repeat. Merry Christmas everyone! 

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