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Thinking of throwing a grand baby shower to mark the end of your pregnancy, and welcome your little bun in the oven? Here are some things to consider for a smooth party planning process. 

Party planning 

Instead of stressing yourself out with party planning, consider having a close friend plan it for you while you kick back and focus on warding the delivery-day jitters away. Although, do be mindful of conveying your wants and the “not to haves”, this will make planning process easier and keep everyone on the same page.

Should you still prefer planning it yourself, do consider asking for help from a close friend or loved one. Those decorations aren’t gonna hang themselves! 

The right time

Baby showers are typically done one to two months before you pop! We suggest nothing too near your delivery date as it might get too strenuous for your body; planning and coordinating may start get more so frustrating. As a pre-baby celebration, there’s no preferred timing – a late night mocktail party, or quaint English tea session, choose a time you think will best accommodate both yourself and your guests.   

Selecting your theme

Your baby shower can take on any theme you please, but some mums have been known to opt their combine their gender reveal together with the shower. Other popular themes include baby’s playroom or a luxe theme to pamper mamas-to-be. 

Location, location!

With a selected theme, pick out a venue that will enhance the party’s theme. Or if there isn’t a particular theme in mind, work in reverse and pick a theme that complements your chosen location.

Food and catering 

Once you’ve nailed down on the theme, it’s time to coordinate your food palate. We know nothing makes more of a party apart from food! From ticking off multiple dishes from your pregnancy cravings lists to a theme-friendly catering, we suggest you get down to planning this with your party assistant. Pregnant ladies that face severe food aversions throughout their pregnancy ought to pay extra attention to the dishes ordered, and try avoiding rich-smelling dishes or overpowering flavors. If you’re playing assistant to the baby mama, be sure to ask her for her opinions while also considering dishes/ foods pregnancy ladies should avoid. Another point to note, only confirm on the food catering after all or most of your guest have RSVP! You won’t want to over or under order.  

Goodie bags 

Express appreciation for your guests’ time and gifts with a door gift. These goodie bags could include anything from customised sweets and personalised “Thank You” cards to mini skincare or beauty products and more. You don’t have to stress over lavish gifts – we find that personalised goodie bags lend a sincere touch that’ll leave a lasting impression.  

Picture perfect memories 

Some mamas have been known to hire photographers to capture this special occasion, but in the smartphone age, it definitely isn’t necessary. For mums who would like more tangible memories, we’d suggest using a polaroid camera to create physical keepsakes that guests will enjoy. You could even keep a guestbook for attendees to leave their well wishes and handwritten notes – now that’s a good memory.

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