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Tips To Calm Your Child Before PSLE

Are the pre-examination jitters affecting your child? Here are some tips to help alleviate their stress before they sit for each paper!

Relax and Recharge

When revising for the examinations, help them to make sure that they are studying according to the timetable appropriately. Since cramming too much information in one day right before the examination will not be of much help, it’s important to take effective breaks to take their minds off the examinations. Encourage them to take a short nap to rest their eyes, watch a funny cartoon or perhaps play a video game for about 30 minutes to let them enjoy themselves.

Words of Assurance

Let them know that they are on the right track, and encourage them by giving them words of acknowledgement like “You’re doing a great job, I can see that you are doing your best.” Place your trust in them and keep them motivated, while letting them know that they can come to you for help whenever they need to.


Children generally love being outdoors since they have so much energy. If they like riding the bicycle, going roller-blading or simply heading to the nearby playground, let them have their active time outdoors to re-energise. If they still need to do more revision, shorten their break as compared to a normal day.

Proper Nutrition

If your child does not take enough fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, make sure you try to implement them more during the crucial examination period. Fresh fruit and vegetables will help to balance the sugar levels in their bodies, thus giving them enough energy without them becoming hyperactive, keeping their minds clear and alert during examinations.

Continue with Usual Routines

During the weekends or gap days between the examinations, try to keep to your usual schedules as much as possible. Since school curriculum has ceased during the examination period, help your child feel like everyday is a normal day just like when the school term is ongoing. It’s good to set aside time to revise when needed, but adhering to usual routines such as going for their art classes, swimming or music lessons whenever possible helps them to feel at ease too.

Has your child taken a break in between studying today? Share with us in the comments below if you have more tips to help students relax!

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