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There are talks about moderating your child’s use of gadgets but whether you admit it or not, technology, when used properly, will greatly aid in learning. According to the HP New Asian Learning Experience (NALE) Study, parents in Singapore are extremely focused on future-proofing their children—preparing them for opportunities of the future workplace—and technology plays a big role in it.

Are you one of these parents? If yes, make your child’s life as a student easier by providing these tools and gadgets.


Get kids to research, study, and do school work anywhere with a laptop in hand. The great thing about having a laptop is that learning becomes mobile and it allows them to be more productive anytime, anywhere. If you can’t decide on the most appropriate laptop for your little one, consider getting a Lenovo IdeaPad because of its child-friendly features. It comes with a reasonable price, enough storage for your child’s files, and an ultra-slim size.


The HP NALE study also revealed that parents believe printed materials have a positive impact on their children’s learning. They see print and digital learning as having different benefits and feel that print is better for reading comprehension, time spent reading, knowledge of vocabulary, and retention, whereas digital platforms facilitate creative and critical thinking. If you want to optimise the learning opportunity using print materials, consider buying a reliable printer such as HP Tango, a smart printer you can operate even via mobile or Wi-Fi.


For younger kids, a tablet would probably be more appropriate than a laptop. It’s enough to allow them to watch educational videos or read an e-book. For example, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet comes with a year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, filled with a collection of over 20,000 books, movies, shows, and educational apps perfect for 3- to 12-year olds. You also don’t have to worry because of its kid-safe browser and easy-to-use parental controls.


Learning has always been synonymous with pen and paper but with the rise of technology, even pens have evolved. With smartpens, your child can now record a class. Check out Livescribe 3 Smartpen, which lets your child convert notes into digital text, making it more efficient for your young learner to organise them and even send or share them with friends.

External hard drive

Too many files require enough storage so your kid doesn’t lose any important learning materials. Good thing there are external hard drives where you can organise and store files that no longer fit in your device. Seagate has various hard drives to choose from, which your child can bring wherever she needs it. Files are transferred quickly and you can store up to 5TB.

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