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Top Picks For Kids’ Enrichment By Today Got Class

Finding the best enrichment class for your child can be overwhelming, what with the multitude of available programmes out there. Then there are various considerations, such as the location, fees, schedule, and even the reputation of the school. Lastly, the bigger question: Will my child actually like it there?

Thankfully, a solution has come our way. Today Got Class (TGC) is an easy-to-use online kids enrichment booking platform that allows parents to easily discover and book the best classes and activities for their children.

TGC was kind enough to round up the best enrichment centres in Singapore, which will foster a love of learning in your little ones. TGC personally meets with every centre and evaluates each class activity offered. If TGC has given the thumbs up, you can be sure that your child will have an outstanding experience.

Let this list help you narrow down your choices for enrichment class:

Coding: Coding Lab®

In the digital age, knowing how to code is a foundational skill for future success. And just like learning a new language, it’s best to start young. Coding Lab® features an award-winning curriculum with passionate teachers that instil a love for coding, inquiry, and problem-solving. Designed by an MIT alumnus and tech guru, the program offers project-based classes for children ages four to 18.

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Chinese: Yang Language School

Many parents want to nurture their children’s Chinese skills, but it can be a challenge to do so without them turning shy or frustrated. This is where Yang Language School can help. Your child will learn Chinese in a fun, friendly environment with an interactive curriculum of visuals, music, video, and more. Teachers customise their approach to meet your child’s unique needs, guiding him or her to become a confident, proficient speaker and reader of Chinese.

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Math/Science: MAKE

Research shows that hands-on learning benefits all types of learners, creating more engaging, memorable lessons. MAKE offers a three-stage, hands-on model that brings math and science theories to life as students explore how to problem solve, learn from their mistakes, and think critically. MAKE’s holistic approach also focuses on building character strengths like resilience, curiosity, and gratitude, creating a well-rounded experience for your child.

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Art: Achievers Art

Art is a powerful way to stimulate your child’s development and boost his or her creative thinking skills. Achievers Art provides delightful lessons in painting, sketching, and arts and crafts in a fun and inspiring format. Founded by a group of early education experts, the program will help your child express his or her imagination in exciting new ways.

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Dance: Le Grand School of Dance

Dance is a fantastic option for building your child’s self-esteem and supporting physical health. Le Grand School of Dance excels as a provider of professional dance lessons at a variety of ages and skill levels, winning numerous awards locally and internationally over the years. Highly-skilled faculty inculcate a passion for the art of dance in a welcoming, safe atmosphere.

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Music: Kindermusik with Love Studios

Music supports healthy development in young children across a variety of domains: socio-emotional, language, cognitive, and more. Kindermusik provides educational music classes to children from birth to seven years of age with dancing, singing, instrument play, and more. The programme inspires a love of music from a young age while cultivating school readiness skills that will encourage your child’s growth.

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