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With the rise in technology, parents can now be better caregivers while balancing other responsibilities in their busy schedules. There are a wide range of apps to help parents on the path of caring for their kids. Be it managing screen time to baby monitors or family-friendly fun, it’s all available via one’s smartphone. We give you a selection of apps designed to make parenting a joy. 

For Parents with Kids

  • YouTube Kids (Free on Android and iOS)

    An official YouTube service, YouTube Kids provides users with a child-friendly version of the popular video streaming service. The layout of the app is also designed for kids, featuring big buttons, easy scrolling, and instant full-screen. Parents can also tailor accessibility by turning off the search function for more restricted access or a built-in timer to let your kids know TV time is up. Available for free on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.

  • Screen Time Parental Control (Free with in-app purchases on Android and iOS)

    In an age where information is readily available anytime, this app that allows parents to manage the time kids spend on their tablets and smart phones. Functions include a timer to restrict usage on the apps you want restricted. You can even set the app to restrict usage of certain apps during certain times. In addition, the Screen Time Parental Control keeps track what kids are browsing and the apps they’re using – allowing parents to look over the (digital) shoulders of their kids.  

  • Sworkit Kids (Free on Android and iOS)

    Fitness junkies who want some bonding time with their kids by introducing them to their favourite hobby, this just might be the app for you. Sworkit Kids app makes exercising fun, combining interval training with randomized exercises so your kids will not get bored. You can share customised workouts with your friends for them to take on the challenge. 


For Toddlers To Learn & Play

  • Kids Doodle – Movie Kids Color and Draw (Free, available only on iOS)

    This app is perfect for nurturing your child’s artistic talent. The app’s name explains it all – your kids can doodle on this app with more than 20 brushes at their disposal so they can push their imagination to its limits. This comes with a twist though, the brush size and colour is randomised making drawing a fun and challenging experience while ensuring that no two drawings look the same. The app also has a “Video” mode, allowing users to play back the process of their artworks. 

  • Kids Top Nursery Rhyme Videos (Free on Android and iOS)

    If you want a collection of nursery rhymes for your kids to sing along to, this app is for you. Featuring a collection of classic nursery rhymes for free, the videos come with sing-along text and are also available offline allowing you to sing with and entertain your tots anywhere, anytime. 

  • ABC Kids Tracing and Phonics (Free on Android and iOS)

    An app that combines phonics with learning of the English alphabet, ABC Kids features language learning in a fun way. Children will get to learn via a series of tracing games to help them recognise letter shapes as well as phonics activities such as phonics pairing and letter matching. You can take part in your child’s learning as well. Teacher Mode, allows parents to look at report cards or set up activities to facilitate learning. 


For Parents Caring For Babies 

  • Baby Tracker: Feed, Diaper, Log (Free on Android and iOS)

    This log helps busy new parents to track their baby’s habits and first milestones. The app records feed, sleep and nappy changing times making baby care more efficient and easier. Data can then be analysed to identify any patterns or interruptions to your little tot’s schedule. Additionally, users can log in medical history such as vaccine shots and medications, and share the logged data with others making this app the all-in-one solution to your child’s care. 

  • WebMD Baby (Free on Android and iOS)

    You may have heard of WebMD, a website providing information on medical and healthcare topics. Now you can get its advice on all baby-related needs via its extensive collection of medical content ranging from weekly care advice to illnesses and emergencies. The app also comes with a tracking function, allowing users to track their baby’s care schedule and activate reminders so you won’t go off your schedule.  

  • Dormi – Baby Monitor  (Free with in-app purchases on Android and iOS)

    Who needs baby monitors when you can do the same with your smart phones? Dormi, a baby monitoring app makes a good replacement. The app requires two connected android devices – an adult and child device and you’re set. It also comes with other features allowing multiple devices to connect to the child device and allows you to listen in and talk to your child. 

Have any suggestions on good parenting apps? Le us know in the comments below! 

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