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From tasteful storage organisers to sturdy but quirky furniture, it is possible to achieve the best of both worlds when it comes to décor for the kid’s room. Create a cosy and creative space for your little one without compromising on the style factor of your home with these aesthetic recommendations!

Book Mountain Bookend and Bookmarks/ Book Iceberg Bookend and Bookmarks, $44.90


For animal and book lovers alike, get back to nature while propping your kid’s many books up. We adore the fact that the kids can use the wild animals as bookmarks to mark where they’ve stopped reading for the day – encourage them to hit the books by telling ‘em that the animals can’t return ‘home’ if they don’t finish their book!

Get it from mrphy here

Dinsor Stationery Holder, $32.90


Perfect for tidying up stray colour pencils and the like, this stationary holder will keep your kid’s desk clean as a whistle!

Get it from mrphy here

David Treasure Box – White, $379.50


Made out of solid hard wood, this treasure chest-esque toy box lends a rustic charm that’ll complement most rooms. Plus, its lid has a chalkboard side that allows it to double up as an activity table for the little ones!

Get it from HipVan here

Wynona Activity Table, $146.60


Designed to keep messy play totally in control while encouraging your little one’s creativity, the Wynona Activity Table comes in an array of pretty pastels that’ll suit any playroom.

Get it from HipVan here


Cloud Hook, $16.90


There are plenty of cute wall hooks around, but we’re eyeing the secret compartment that this adorable cloud has, that could encourage your kid to get into the habit of hanging up their gear. Simply hide little treats in them (or star stickers, whatever you please) and allow your child to access the cloud only on the condition that they hang up their stuff.

Get it from mrphy here

Tooth Lamp, $159


A whimsical floor lamp that’ll brighten up your kid’s room and remind them to brush their teeth before bedtime!

Get it from mrphy here

Keane Shelf, $29


Provide extra organisation space with this handy tray shelf that’ll look great at the side of your kid’s desk!

Get it from Urban Outfitters here

Stackable Storage Box Set, $69


Running out of hidden storage areas? These yellow stackable storage boxes will do the job quite nicely, and add a gorgeous pop of colour at the same time. They feature lidded prop-open tops which can store everything, from toys to desk supplies and more.

Get it from Urban Outfitters here

Geo Wall Wire Grid, $34


Need a handy place to pin up your child’s assignments, photos and other bits and bobs? This Geo Wall Wire Grid will do just that without cluttering up the space.

Get it from Urban Outfitters here

Wood Rabbit Cloud Shelf 90, $87.80


Perfect for displaying books, small toys and other knick knacks, these cloud cutting shelves will de-clutter any abode in the most adorable way possible. Available in five pastel colours, pick the one that complements the room’s colour scheme and display away!

Get it from 3LittlePicks here

Bloomingville Bear Storage Pouches, $35.80


Coming in sets of two, these latte coloured storage pouches are great storage solutions for any child’s room or nursery. And the forest-themed prints are perfect for little adventurers too!

Get it from 3LittlePicks here

Bear Rug


The perfect accessory to any reading nook, study space or sleeping area, this bear rug will brighten up ordinary floors.

Get it from 3LittlePicks here

Spinkie Ballerina Sheer Canopy, $192.80


The cherry atop any princess-themed room, this sheer canopy drapes beautifully over beds, cribs or even your little one’s cosy play nook. Also, it comes with ribbons so parents can attach other decorative items such as baby mobiles and garlands to help it stand out.

Get it from 3LittlePicks here

Bloomingville Air Balloon Paper Lantern, $34.80


You don’t have to wait for Mid-Autumn Festival to get in on the lantern action! Handmade from paper, this adorable latte grey balloon will transform your little one’s room into a dreamy universe where only the sky is the limit!

Get it from 3LittlePicks here

Devine Design Swan Display Rack, $343.80


The ultimate statement piece for your little one’s room, display their most special garments with this gorgeous swan display rack!

Get it from 3LittlePicks here

A Little Lovely Company Yellow Neon Cloud Light, $95.80


Get your kid in on the neon light trend with this energy-efficient yellow LED cloud light! It’s super easy to install and effortlessly adds a trendy touch to your interior.

Get it from 3LittlePicks here

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