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‘Tis the season for some scary fun! It’s also the time when kids get to wear their favourite characters or pretend to be their most frightening selves. Have you figured out what costume to give—or make—them? Find some inspiration from these oh-so-cute creatures!

#1 For the moody little one

Photo credit: @loveandlion

Inside Out was a hit among children and adults alike, so dressing up your child to any of the emotion characters will surely bring joy—even if your child looks like Sadness—to anyone. Preparing the Halloween costume seems pretty easy too, just like this all-blue ensemble!

#2 For the curious and adorable toddler

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Want something that’s even easier to recreate? Monsters Inc.’s curious little girl Boo is an effortless idea for your child’s trick-or-treat costume. Just don her with a long pink shirt on top of purple leggings, then pair it with white sneakers. Don’t forget to do that cute pigtail and she’s all set!

#3 For the whole family

Photo credit: @lilcreatures

Halloween is also the time for the whole family to come together so instead of dressing up just your child, why don’t you show up in a themed costume? Be as creative as being a pair of trees with the little ones clinging to you like baby koalas. Dressing up together will make for a great tradition you and the kids will always look forward to—and look back on.

#4 For a step into the dark side

Photo credit: @celebrationstylist

Turn your sweet little girl into a baby witch: all you need is a witch hat, a black tutu paired with a black top, and a black pumpkin basket! You can add some makeup or teach her the laugh for a more scary yet cute costume getup for your beautiful angel.

#5 For your little princess

Photo credit: @lifemadewithloveblog

Some kids are always excited for Halloween not just because of the candies but because they can dress up as their favourite characters, and for some girls, it’s mostly one of the Disney princesses. Glam up your little one in a royal costume and complete it with props—see the apple this little Snow White bit—for a more convincing effect!

#6 For the unique 

Photo credit: @thedaydreamrepublic

Want your child to truly stand out? Work together to invent a unique costume that speaks out her persona, like this pretty unicorn with a tutu, pink ballerina shoes, and colourful wig complete with DIY unicorn horns, glitters, and accessories. Even this kid’s pose is on point! And how about that small unicorn skeleton as a nod to this occasion? 

#7 For the playful little boy

Photo credit: @oddbodsofficial 

Of course, the boys will be having a blast too. If you’ve got a playful little one, Pogo’s character will be perfect for him—dress up your child in an all-blue furry costume and watch him live up to the character, poking fun at everything! (And if that’s the case, easy on his sweets intake!)

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