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Nursing a sick child can be draining at times. Not only are you worried about your child’s health, you might also have a hard time giving him medicine. Kids tend to resist what they don’t understand and it takes a little (okay, a lot of) convincing before they agree that medicines can make them feel better—even if it doesn’t taste well.

Here are some different approaches to make medicine time a little easier, minus the spitting and begging!

Explain what the medicine is for

Make your child appreciate the need for the medicine. Tell him what it is, what it does to his body, and what the benefits will be. You can make your explanation more appealing by relating it to things he loves to do. You can say, “If you take this, you will be able to play outside because the medicine will make you feel better.” This way, your child realises that the medicine is for his own good.

Show a positive attitude

Do not make your child feel that medicine time is a burden. If you want him to be less apprehensive about taking his medicine, have a more encouraging attitude. Praise him for following your instruction and avoid threatening him when he’s being difficult.

Be creative

You can turn medicine time into play by incorporating creative strategies and even props. Instead of using syringe or a medicine cup, you can have him take his medicine from his favourite teaspoon or from a cute teacup. You can also do role playing and have your child wear a costume for an even more fun medicine time!

Mix the medicine with chocolate syrup

There’s no way your child wouldn’t want chocolate syrup. So why don’t you disguise your liquid medicine by mixing it with chocolate syrup? This way, you get to save your child from the medicine’s bad taste.

Mix it with food

Mix the medicine with some food so your child won’t have to know he’s taking one, especially if he finds the medicine to taste bad. It could be in a bowl filled with crushed vegetables, a chocolate syrup, a healthy smoothie, or fruit yogurt. Just make sure he consumes the entire food or drink to ensure he’s taking the full dosage. Consult your doctor first because some medicines may lose their effect once crushed or altered.

Do not yell or hold your child down

No matter what happens, avoid resorting to threatening manners when trying to make your child drink medicine. This will not only make him more stubborn, it will also scare him away. When you do this, your child is more likely to associate medicine time with threatening behaviour, making him hate it even more.

Give him a reward

Kids love to be rewarded. Treating him with his favourite food or a small token may just be what you need to get him to take his medicine. Knowing that he will get something when he follows you will make him look forward to medicine time.

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