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Is tuition a real necessity or something that parents indulge their kids in just because everyone’s doing it? Hear what Anthony Fok, a self-employed tutor has to say.

Most parents would think that tuition is a necessity, but what’s your take on it?
More than a decade ago, tuition served as an avenue for weaker students who required more coaching to clear their doubts on what was being taught in school. Today, tutors are expected to teach ahead of the school syllabus to give students an advantage over their peers and to enable them to participate in more meaningful discussions during lessons. If you belong to the group of parents who wish to give your children a head start, then tuition is definitely necessary.

Group vs individual tuition – which works best for kids below the age of 12?
Different children have different learning styles. Some are social and prefer to learn in groups or with other people. Some are solitary whereby they prefer to work alone. It is hard to mandate which produces better results. Parents know their children best and would be in the best position to make a decision.

Is it too early for Primary 1 to 3 children to go for tuition?
It is essential to have a strong foundation in the fundamental concepts. With a strong foundation, students are able to acquire new knowledge and skills without much hurdle. This thinking is even more evident in our society now as we see more pre-school enrichment centres set up to provide numeracy and literacy content.

With Singapore’s competitive school environment, do you think students can ‘survive’ without tuition?
Tuition is fuelled by ambitious parents wanting their children to secure places at top schools and universities. It is a matter of the expectation of the parents and students. A pass may suffice for some but to the others, only an ‘A’ grade can satisfy them. Students can definitely survive without tuition, but what is the definition of “survive”?

Should children be taking tuition for all of their subjects?
Parents should definitely re-consider before enrolling their children in tuition for all subjects. While this may be feasible at a junior level, it may not work out for secondary level students, where they have close to 10 subjects. Over-reliance on tuition may have a negative effect on the child too. It is therefore important to identify the subjects, which they need extra help in.

What’s your say? Do you believe in sending your child(ren) for tuition for all subjects? Let us know below!