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Chin KK

We caught up with YouTube sensation Baby Yebin when she was in town recently and we have say, she is just as cute, if not cuter in real-life! Baby Yebin rose to fame after her mum uploaded a “stranger danger” life lesson video on YouTube which went viral. In the YouTube video, Yebin’s mum tries to teach her how to say “No”  if a stranger offers cookies while Ye Bin answers (many times) with a hilarious, “Like!”

While Yebin’s parents have done a splendid job in teaching her the right life skills such as being wary of strangers and while being friendly and adventurous to try new things at the same time,  her mother, Jang Hye Jeong says that she doesn’t have any fixed parenting strategy. “I don’t use any specific parenting strategy. I think it is important for my child to explore and try different things and meet different people,” she adds.

Additionally, Ms Jang says that she does not encourage her daughter to like a celebrity. “We don’t make her feel like she is a celebrity. In fact, she would only simple point to the (computer or laptop) screen and say. “That’s me!” Other than that, we don’t say that she’s famous.”

We always allow people to take pictures with her when they see her on the streets. It is only polite and important to be gracious to people whom she meets and at the same time, be grateful for the different opportunities. What’s most important is that we let her enjoy her childhood and learn to experience things, try different foods and meet different people. – Jang Hye Jeong

In our time with Yebin, we also introduced a variety of Singaporean snacks and tropical fruits to her. Read up on Yebin’s reactions to the different foods and how she responded during the cultural exchange in Singapore’s Child February issue!

For now, we’ll leave you with our top 3 favourite videos of Baby Yebin, enjoy!

  1. Mom Teaches Cute Korean baby Yebin a Life Lesson

    This is the video that made this little Korean girl popular! Who knew that teaching a child how to say ‘no’ to strangers can be this cute!

  2. I Protect You!

    Awww! In this video, Baby Yebin tells her mum how she would protect her little brother from the lightning and thunder by simply holding his hands. This one will give you all the feels, trust us.

  3. Baby Yebin Overloaded With Cuteness

    Yes, this video is literally overloaded with cuteness! Check out Yebin’s priceless expressions of wanting a donut. 

Find out more about our cultural exchange with Baby Yebin in Singapore’s Child February issue!