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There are many different household dynamics and it really depends on each family member’s personality. More often than not, parents may find themselves screaming in the middle of one child having a meltdown and two others picking a fight with each other. However, there are more ways to eliminate the chaos at home without getting aggravated and adding to the noise level.

  • Lowering your pace
    Especially in Singapore, we find ourselves rushing from place to place to be commonplace. Running late for the kids’ timetable or your own schedule leads to more resentment and conflict in the family. The best solution would be to do things at a slightly slower pace either by packing less things into the family’s schedule or waking up earlier to complete whatever you have to do in the day.
  • Moving away from the chaos
    Most of the time, you feel that you need to be in control of the situation. However when children are arguing with you and want to escalate the situation in order to get their own way, it’s best to ignore them and go to another room once you have given them your answer. This forces them to accept your answer and they will quieten down on their own.
  • Improving communication
    Children easily escape into their own world when playing with toys, enjoying their screen time or spending time on their phones for older kids. This leads to parents having difficulty in communicating, and having to shout inside the house to get each other’s attention. One way to help this would be to use their form of communication, like texting/calling them on their mobiles, which they would be able to respond easily and they would not feel interrupted by someone barging into the room. For younger kids, having a more obvious indicator like a clock with a specific alarm sound as an indicator for dinner time or time to leave for school will be beneficial.
  • Reducing clutter
    Kids always want to buy new toys, gadgets and sometimes clothes. However they usually forget about their new items and go back to liking their favourite toys or items. It’s important to realize that more things does not lead to a happier children or family, learning to appreciate the things that they already have and  cherishing the time that a family spends together is what makes a family happy. So instead of focusing on buying so many things, decluttering and focusing on each other will reduce conflicts and therefore rowdiness at home.
  • Quiet time
    Both parents and children need their alone time from day to day, so it would be best to allocate some quiet time each day to engage in activities like reading, arts and craft or solitary games like puzzles. This could also be allocated screen time with a set time limit.

Have you tried any other methods to reduce chaos and improve communication in the household? Let us know what are the effective ways you have tried in the comments below!

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