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The American businessman who was elected as the president of the United States yesterday may not fit the typical stereotype of a family man, like his predecessor Barack Obama. And with a 24-year-younger third wife hanging off his arm, it sure isn’t easy to take him seriously. But according to his five kids, Donald Jr, 37, Ivanka, 33, Eric, 31, Tiffany, 23, and Barron, 10, the president is a doting, dedicated, and “always available” dad, despite a thriving business empire. So how does he juggle so many roles at one time? By prioritising and knowing what’s most important.  

  1. He puts his family first

    The father of five, and grandfather to seven (going on eight) says his family is the most important thing in his life. “I always prided myself on being a good father. With my children I was always available.”

    Donald Trump, Melania and Barron

  2. He protects his kids

    When he split from his first wife Ivana Trump in 1990, he sent their three kids Donald Jr., 37, Ivanka, 33, and Eric, 31 to boarding school so they were kept away from their public war of words, bad press, and scandal about him cheating with beauty queen Marla Maples, who later became the second Mrs Trump.

  3. He doesn’t put his kids in the spot(light)

    “We never made the tabloids when we were younger. He was the man that, his whole life, he’s always had thousands of cameras on him and yet we were raised as normal kids, or at least as normal as you could be raised under the circumstances,” says youngest son Eric.

  4. He teaches them to excel

    Ivanka’s four-year-old daughter Arabella has been learning her grandfather’s high standards: “My daughter saw a pothole and said, ‘Grandpa would not like that. The fact that my daughter sees a crack and says that would be unacceptable to grandpa is a testatment to the fact that she has observed him time and time again walking job sites, pushing the team to do the very best.”

  5. He respects their mothers
    Even though he’s been married three times, he makes it a point to maintain amicable relationships with their mums, while bonding the kids together. “We work together every single day. We travel together often for work and when we’re not working, the very little free time that we have for ourselves, we’ve on a vacation together,” says Eric, “It’s a special bond and I can count on them and they can count on me.”

    Melania, Tiffany and Ivanka Trump on stage

  6. He maintains harmony in the family
    There’s no evil stepmother or half sisters in the house of Trump. “We are really close,” says Tiffany, daughter of Marla and Donald, “Ivanka always helped me whenever I needed her to. With internships and advice on life, from girly situations to education and everything. And Melania is so sweet and such a good mother to Barron. My mum thinks Melania is an amazing person. I’m blessed to have my dad and mum on good terms.”