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What Is Your Parenting Style?

Amy Chua’s The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother caused an uproar when it was released – some agreed that her method is justified and effective, while others weren’t shy in verbalising their disapproval of her strict ways. One reaction that was consistent across countries and cultures, however, was that everyone started wondering what kind of parent they were, if their own parenting methods and ideas were assessed and scrutinised. We’ve compiled a list of parenting styles for you for an easier self-assessment.


Things you are likely to say:

  • “Why did you get a 95/100, why did you not get full marks?
  • “No, you are not allowed to go for Susan’s birthday party; I’ve prepared 20 pages of Math assessment practice for you to do.”
  • “You’re sick? But your fingers can still move. We’re not cancelling your piano lessons.”


You find yourself:

  • sitting with your child while he does every one of his homework, every single night, and dictating him on what to do
  • calling his teachers when he comes home with minor complains about the school day – such as being tired with all the coloring he had to do in school that day
  • calling up your child’s prospective schools and attempting to convince the school management that your child is the perfect candididate for the school


You are the epitome of zen and you:

  • refuse to let other compeititive parents get to you and insist on sticking to your own system
  • constantly checks if your child is over- or underwhelmed so that you can fine tune your guidance
  • bring your child out for trips or activities for a more balanced lifestyle


You find yourself:

  • letting your child buy his own school uniform and books when he was only in Primary 1
  • letting him choose his own friends as you believe he is responsible enough to avoid negative influence
  • faced with a report book full of horrid mid term grades but believe your child will be responsible enough to improve by end of the year (even though he has failed to do so for the past two years but hey, he just needs more time)


You believe in outsourcing all your child’s learning to:

  • private tutors
  • behavioural and cognitive specialist
  • group-based tutors
  • swimming coach
  • piano teacher
  • ballet teacher

So which of the above sounds like you? Comment below and let us know!