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Music is proven to be beneficial for your kids. More than just enhancing one’s musical skills, it can also improve a person’s social and creative skills. So, what happens when kids learn to play a specific instrument like the piano?

It teaches your child to focus

Learning how to play the piano requires intense focus. Your child can’t just strike a key and expect good music to come out. The keys, hammers, and strings of a piano all work together to create the musical note. Once your child gets a grasp of playing this instrument, you will notice how she has to concentrate very well to be able to hit the right note. As with all the other things she will learn, concentration is crucial: from listening to her school instructor to studying for an exam.

It’s a good form of discipline

Playing a piano is no easy task especially for beginners, regardless if you’re only playing for pleasure or you’re serious about the craft. That is why if you decide to enroll your child to piano class and if your child is determined to improve her skills, she must be disciplined enough to undergo rigorous training. This will push her to her limit as she advances from learning the basics to playing an actual piece of music—or maybe even writing her own! 

It makes her more attuned to her surroundings and emotions

Music is deeply influenced by emotions. Notice how hearing a sad song can instantly dampen your mood? For a musician to play well in front of an audience, she must be aware of the surroundings and the emotion her music wants to convey. The same thing goes for when your child starts playing piano. She will learn how to understand the music she creates and be guided by the emotions the music evokes as she expresses the notes. 

It builds her self-confidence

This new skill will go a long way as your child learns to interact with the world around her. Performing in front of a crowd? No problem. Knowing how to play piano will give your child the confidence she needs whether at school or in your community. If you’re really serious about honing your little one’s piano skills, consider enrolling her in a school with a proven track record of conducting the best piano classes. Some offer individual classes for children five years old and above so your child gets the personalised and focused training she needs.

It’s a productive outlet

Instead of letting your child play video games or watch TV, why not consider fostering her love for a new craft such as playing the piano? With all the other benefits it gives, it surely is a worthy activity for her to spend time after classes or during school vacations. If she grows to love it, playing might even be a relaxing activity she’ll look forward to—and likely, relaxing for the rest of the household too!

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