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It’s not unusual for parents with one child to find themselves facing a time when they wonder if they should have another child. As it is often hard to determine if it is a good or bad idea, we’ve compiled a list of reasons that might help give you a clearer look `at just what a life with more than one child entails.

Having more than one child increases joy

One of the best parts of having more than one child is actually seeing them interact when they are around each other. Sometimes, it can seem rather negative especially when they are playing roughly with each other, but nothing fills you up with more joy than seeing them bond as they share or laugh together.

Siblings bring more benefits

When a child has siblings, this helps them acquire social skills that are easier to teach because children get more opportunities to learn social concepts such as sharing with their brother or sister. They also learn how to split up time, attention, and resources, often forcing them to think about others more than themselves. 

More children means they will have constant friends

No matter what happens (petty arguments and all), your child will always have a constant friend in a sibling. This makes it easier for you as a parent because your children will always have a playmate, even if they are on a school break. It will benefit your children in the long run as well, when they’ve grown into adults. They will be able to help each other navigate life and celebrate wins, as well as consult with one another on major life decisions.

Your child becomes more independent

With siblings, your children might often have to wait for help with things especially if you need to tend to a younger child first. Instead of waiting around to be tended to, you will find your older child taking the initiative to figure things out on his or her own.  

You grow more as a parent

By having multiple children, you know your priorities will definitely change. In order to stay calm and happy, you will have mastered the art of determining what things are most important and what aren’t. While you may be weary of playing favourites, at the end of the day, you know that there are different qualities in your children that fill you with so much love, making your life complete.

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