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During pregnancy, women’s hormone levels change, affecting the body in different ways. One possible effect includes the development of hemorrhoids, which appears like varicose veins, in the rectum. Ask any woman who has suffered from it and she will say, if not describe to you, how it is an unwelcome problem during pregnancy.

Know how you can prevent hemorrhoids and protect yourself from it with these simple, tried, and tested tips.

#1 Avoid constipation

The most effective way to avoid hemorrhoids is by preventing constipation, which is another common problem of pregnant women. The good news is constipation can definitely be managed by having a high-fibre diet, which entails regularly eating food like fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts, and hydrating regularly. 

#2 Avoid prolonged standing and sitting 

Standing or sitting for long periods of time build up pressure in the veins and, in turn, affect the blood flow in your rectal area. Get up or walk around from time to time. Take some time to stretch and move about.

#3 Exercise

Speaking of moving around, don’t be scared to sweat it out even if you’re pregnant. There are workouts and exercises proven to be safe for expecting mums; just ask your doctor for clearance before doing any of them. Exercise helps maintain a regular bowel movement and allows you to move more, releasing the unwanted pressure from your rectum. 

#4 Don’t hold or delay any bowel movement

If you feel the urge to pass a bowel movement, do so as soon as you can. When you do, don’t strain yourself and make sure to relax so you don’t add pressure to your rectal veins. 

#5 Consider using a stool softener

For pregnant women who need aid in constipation, consider asking your doctor if you can use laxative pills. These will help you pass stool more easily, thus preventing you from straining yourself and adding pressure to your rectum.

#6 Do Kegel exercise

Kegel exercises are a form of exercise that strengthens and tightens your pelvic floor by contracting your muscles. This improves the blood circulation in the area and helps reduce your chances of having hemorrhoids.

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