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Sometimes, our kids go through various emotional phases and changes in behaviour, and these changes can be negative. More often than not, they will go through a rebellious phase and ignore verbal warnings or disciplinary actions that had previously worked.

Here are a few things to check when the kids are not being responsive:

  1. Are they hungry or tired?
  2. Have you been paying attention to them?
  3. Would going outside if you are indoors or vice versa change their behaviour?

If the answer is no for questions 1 – 3, remember that when you do not respond to them promptly after they ask a question, it’s not model behaviour and children are prone to copying your behaviour.

Try using these tips:

  • When you are speaking to them, make sure that you maintain the same eye level, so that they cannot ignore you.
  • If they still fail to respond, hold their hands to get their attention.
  • Make sure to ask for their eye contact and do not speak until they look at you.
  • Ask them to repeat what you said to make sure they are paying attention.
  • Take note of your word use and keep your language positive.

Using positive words and less negative criticism allows children the space to be more motivated to do the right thing. Instead of telling them what not to do, tell them what they can do and compromise with other options instead. It’s also good to ask them what they are unhappy about and let them know that they have the right to express their feelings. Try out these tips and improve communication with your child today!

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