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If you’re pregnant, there’s a good chance you may be experiencing morning sickness and you probably hate it. Unfortunately, it is a condition that pregnant women commonly feel especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. While you can’t totally get rid of this nauseous feeling, you can relieve the discomfort it brings.

One of the best remedies you can try to make yourself feel better is eating the right kind of food. Overcome your morning sickness by eating any of these foods.

#1 Crackers and biscuits

Never leave your stomach empty—and a box of crackers or biscuits may just be your best friend. Munch on it as soon as you wake up, while you haven’t prepared your breakfast yet. 

#2 Mint

Have you ever experienced the urge to throw up and with just the sniff of mint, you suddenly felt better? Mint, even in the form of a candy, can help you relieve the nauseous feeling that morning sickness brings.

#3 Ginger

Ginger is known for curing a lot of tummy problems. It can also help you deal with morning sickness, either by whipping it up as a tea or as a juice. Just make sure to consume it in healthy amounts.

#4 Lemons

Another fruit that works wonders is lemon. You can sniff it, put it in your water, lick it in slices, or squeeze it into a juice. Sour lemon candies can also help you fight your nausea.

#5 Soup

Love your chicken soup in the morning? Start your day with a warm bowl of soup to stave off that morning sickness right away. The soup’s broth will comfort your stomach and set your day right too. 

#6 Whole grain bread

Put together a sandwich made of whole grain bread to fill your empty stomach in the morning. You can also opt to toast your bread and pair it with some almond butter. 

#7 Pretzels

Aside from toast and whole grain bread, other carbo-loaded food can also help you deal with morning sickness. This includes pretzels, which if you think about it, is not a bad idea to start your day right.

#8 Bananas

Sometimes that morning sickness takes all your energy away that you can’t even make a decent breakfast for yourself. Well, bananas may be one of your most convenient, quickest options. Not to mention, it’s highly nutritious too!

#9 Cereals 

Not into fruits and veggies in the morning? Why not go for fortified cereals so you still have added nutrients and minerals in your breakfast option? Fortified cereals are a better tummy-filler compared to sugar-filled ones.

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