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If you’re a new parent, chances are you’re on the lookout for all the useful items that will make this chapter a lot easier. Carrying baby stuff around and bringing them wherever you go require a reliable bag. Consider it an investment for your future trips with the baby—even if it’s just a trip to the mall—because you’d want to be fully equipped and ready for any baby situation.

When scouting for the best diaper bag, make sure you tick off the following on your checklist:

#1 Consider the type of diaper bag that best suits you

Don’t think of a diaper bag as just a place where all your baby’s needs will be placed. It can also be an extension of yourself, especially if you’re a stylish mum. Diaper bags come in different sizes and shapes, depending on your needs. You may opt to have a messenger diaper bag, which can be accessed more easily, especially when you’re on the go; a tote diaper bag, which usually has a larger opening and can be easily carried over the shoulder; or a backpack diaper bag, which allows you to move more freely. 

#2 The fabric of the bag matters 

Whatever your diaper bag’s fabric is will affect its durability and aesthetics. Some common fabrics include glazed and coated fabric, which are usually used for waterproof diaper bags. There’s also nylon fabric known for diaper bags with long-lasting colours and shapes, which means you may still be able to use this bag for your next baby.

#3 There should be a lot of storage space

The point of having a diaper bag is to store all your baby essentials—from feeding bottles, diapers, and clothes to other personal things such as keys or your wallet. Having only limited storage space means you’ll need to carry yet another bag or miss out on other important items you should bring. 

#4 There should be accessible pockets

Pockets will be your best friend in keeping things organised inside your diaper bag. These will serve as your compartments for specific items so ensure that the diaper bag you’ll be purchasing has accessible pockets in it. They ought to help you find the items you’re looking for more quickly, instead of fumbling around in the middle of a situation. A good diaper bag also has a good balance between internal and external pockets. 

#5 Consider how bulky the bag is

Some bags tend to be a lot bulkier than others, especially when they’ve been stuffed already. Check how big the bag actually is without anything in it and assess the materials it’s made of. Although a lot of space is useful, having too much of it may also hinder you from having hassle-free movement when you’re out and about just because your bag is either too bulky or too big.

#6 It must be easy to clean 

With a baby around, you may have to deal with a lot of liquid spills, snacks smudged all over, or what have you. Your diaper bag should be resilient and easy to clean. Check the fabric or materials it’s made of and assess if stains can be cleaned easily or not.

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