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At around one and a half or two years old, your little escape artist might have outgrown their crib and tried to escape a few times. This is a sign that it is time to upgrade them to a cute toddler bed before they hurt themselves. Before this exciting transition, here are some things for you to know about toddler beds in order to purchase the best one that suits your growing little one. 

#1 A sturdy frame is a good frame

Toddler bed frames have low railings only at the upper half unlike the fully fenced infant bed. This allows your little explorer to manoeuvre safely and protected from rolling off during the night. If your child likes to bounce and jump around, invest in a sturdy and well-built frame so that constantly replacement from wear and tear is not necessary. It prevents any potential injuries your active one might sustain.

#2 Take note of sharp edges

Time to get your toolkit out! Involving your little handyman in building their own bed can be fun and allows them to feel closer to their new bed. However, take note of rough or protruding edges that may hurt and seriously injure your tot. Smooth and even them out so that it will not jut out or purchase corner guards to minimise the extent of injury.

#3 Get a firm mattress

The type of the mattress is important in providing quality sleep to your growing toddler and developing proper sleeping posture. According to experts, mattresses with an innerspring system provide better skeletal support as compared to soft foam mattresses. Your young one is still developing their bones, so a spring mattress will not shape their bodies overtime when they sleep. If your tot has started to walk, it is also better to let them walk on a firmer and sturdier mattress surface compared to a soft squishy one.

#4 Let them pick the design

Does your picky one occasionally reject or show disinterest certain things you introduce to them? At their age, they start to express their tastes and you can take them shopping for their toddler beds to see which designs appeal to their preference. Popular designs include fire trucks and racing cars for your little prince and pinkish mermaid designs for your little princess. With many different styles and designs available, bubba will be sure to sleep soundly with their favourite characters.

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