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Has your child expressed interest in the performing arts? It must have left you excited, imagining her shine on stage. Let’s nurture that potential.

Theatre arts provides a number of benefits for your child’s holistic development such as improving social skills, fostering confidence in front of people, and firing up creativity. And just like all skills, these need to be developed and it’s best to do it at young age.

What can you do as a stage mum or dad in the making? Read on.

Enrol her at a theatre camp or workshop

If you’re serious about honing your child’s theatre arts skills, consider immersing her in a professional training. You can enroll her at a theatre camp or workshop during the school break so she will be properly guided when it comes to improving her skills. You might want to check too if her school has a theatre club she can participate in as an extracurricular activity. These settings not only provide her with access to mentorship. It can also provide her with access to network and even exposure.

Sharpen her memorisation skills

One of the key components in acting is memorisation, making sure your child can throw lines for whatever role she’s playing on stage. Enhance your child’s memorisation skills by practicing at home using everyday situations. Going to the grocery store? List down the things you need to buy and ask your child to remember them for you. Just watched a movie? Maybe you can act out a specific scene. You can also download some scripts online, which you can ask her to perform at home.

Let her watch movies or stage plays

Children are keen observers—they can easily adapt what they see. Watch good movies or stirring stage plays with your child so she can see how professional actors do it and be able to internalise it herself. To avoid too much TV or movie time, you can just allot a specific time of the day when she’s allowed to watch.

Take her to the right acting school

Ready to take it to the next level? If you’re sure your child is meant to be in the world of theatre arts, then level up your investment by enrolling her to a performing arts school. Aside from occasional theatre workshops or summer classes, enrolling your child to a formal school means she will learn all the facets of theatre arts. Do your research well as some schools offer specific types of theatre arts training. Some of them specialise in musicals, others in television styles of acting. 

Do not control your child

One of the most common mistakes of parents of child performers is pressuring their child into doing something they don’t want. Sure, there are trainings and protocols but your child should enjoy it too. Support her by providing what she needs, asking what she wants, and observing what works best for her. If she has to choose between two costumes, provide her with advice but let her decide. Or if she needs to memorise a script for a play, spend time to help her but don’t be so hard on her if she makes mistakes. Acting is a creative pursuit and should be done out of joy. Otherwise, it will take the life out of it and your child will be more miserable than successful at it.

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