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Thinking of sending your child to a cooking class? Hesitate no more. Aside from it being a good way to spend their free time, cooking classes also open your child to different opportunities that can contribute not only to their cooking skills, but also to their personal growth. 

Wouldn’t it be more exciting to taste a slice of cake or a new dish that your little one created especially for you? If you’re still not convinced—read on and find out why cooking classes are beneficial for children.

#1 It improves other skills sets

Cooking classes aren’t just about the dishes your child makes. It’s also about the process they have to go through in order to whip up those dishes. Cooking classes enhance other competencies including math, which they can constantly put to practice—accurately measuring ingredients, portioning mixes, etc. Other than that, kids also learn time management and the value of precision. For example, they can only whip up an egg yolk for a certain amount of time or bake cookies in an oven for a specific period, or else the result will be different.

#2 They become more sociable

Cooking is a social act. It is a way to bring people together, especially kids. From preparing to trying out a dish, cooking typically requires a certain level of interacting with other people. Not only will your child interact with their instructor, but also with fellow students of the class. They also get to enjoy each other’s dishes, bringing them even closer together.

#3 They get to try new food and develop a love for them

Some kids are picky eaters. You probably can’t even make your child try a certain dish but with a cooking class, they’re more likely to be open to trying out new dishes, especially the ones they’ve helped create. With the guidance of their instructor, kids get to learn the basics of food preparation and the right kind of food they should eat. Eventually, your kids might even develop a deeper appreciation for the food that has been prepared for them.

#4 They learn how to follow instructions

In order to cook a dish well, one must follow the instructions carefully. Your child’s ability to listen and understand directions will be improved with cooking classes. Here, they have to learn what a recipe requires and ensure that the step-by-step process is followed. 

Of course, it still leaves room for the imagination. If your child shows a passion for cooking, they might be more inclined to create tweaks that will make a recipe more unique or flavourful.

#5 It makes them more familiar with the kitchen

Spending time in a cooking class surrounded by kid-friendly kitchen tools will familiarise your child with the kitchen. This, in turn, will prepare them for the future as they grow up and are expected to know their way around things. This skill will definitely come in handy once they start wanting to prepare meals for you and the family, or as they eventually move out to live on their own.

#6 It boosts their confidence

Knowing they have acquired another skill outside of school will boost your child’s self-esteem. They know they have something to be proud of, one that they can share if asked about their interests and passions.

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