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‘Tis the season of feasts and parties! So make sure your little one’s ready with his OOTD for the many holiday events of the family. Where to shop? Check out this list of blogshops in Singapore with affordable and trendy children’s apparel collections!

#1 Montifs Kids


If you’ve been keeping up with blogshop style trends, you would definitely have noticed the rising popularity of abstract prints in the Singapore blogshop market. Now, even your little ones can hop onto this fashion bandwagon, as Montifs introduces a line of children’s clothing adorned with some these best-selling abstract prints. Ranging in colour and styles—from brush strokes to polkadot prints—the Montifs Kids collection is definitely a fashionable way to twin with your kids!

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(Left) Kids Maeko A-Line Dress in Green: S$33.90
(Middle) Kids Kiko Polkadot Dress in Sage: S$33.90
(Right) Kids Iniko Drop Waist Dress in Purple: S$33.90 
Sizes are available for children between 12 months to 6 years old.

#2 Fayth

fayth kids

An emerging powerhouse in the blogshop industry, Fayth does not limit their elegant pieces to only grown ladies, as they recently expanded their apparel line to include children, with the Mommy & Me collection. The key selling point of Fayth’s children’s label is that they allow you to twin with your kids in a subtle yet stylish way, without going too over the top. Prints in the collection are made available in a variety of clothing designs. Thus, if you’re fond of that sweet dainty floral print, but find a babydoll dress (which is identical to your child’s) a little too much for you, you can always opt for the same print on a more classy camisole top.

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(Left) Kids Funfair Babydoll Bow Dress: S$30.90
(Middle) KIDS Hopscotch Pocket Dress: S$29.90
(Right) KIDS Radiance Babydoll Dress: S$30.90
Sizes are available for children between 12 months to 5 years old.

#3 Le Petit Society

le petit society

Founded by Singaporean couple Robyn Liang and Dylan Ong, Le Petit Society has steadily established itself as a trusted, award-winning children’s clothing label. In addition to a “twinning” collection titled ‘Mama + Mini’, Le Petit Society also carries other collections with noteworthy themes, such as the ‘Look Beyond Colours’ monochromatic apparel collection, which hopes to encourage children to look beyond differences like race and ethnicity, through the use of colours like black and white. Of course, we can’t fall behind on the Frozen 2 craze, as the label also introduces a ‘Disney X Le Petit Society Frozen 2’ collection, featuring Elsa- and Anna-inspired apparel.

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(Left) Anna Bubble Dress in Dark Magenta: S$85
(Middle) Cami Emerald Green Ladies Swing Maxi Dress: S$71.25
(Right) Baby Girl Romper in Panda Print: S$35
Sizes are available for infants and children between 1 month to 12 years old.

#4 PocketPig Diary

pocketpig diary

PocketPig Diary is surely unrivalled when it comes to affordable kids’ clothing, with girls’ dresses going from as low as S$7.90, and boys’ apparel at S$6.90! The online fashion boutique is known for its unique festive collections, ranging from children’s Christmas pajamas, to specially-tailored modern cheongsams for kids for Chinese New Year.

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(Left) Boys Mandarin Collar Shirt by Korea Chungage fabric: S$36
(Middle) 2-8Y Kids Christmas Pyjamas 2pcs Set: S$27.90
(Right) 1-8Y Girls Cheongsam Dress: S$21.90
Sizes are available for infants and children between 0 to 15 years old.

#5 L’zzie Kids


Lauded for its whimsical clothing style inspired by the romance of the Parisian countryside, L’zzie’s line of apparel definitely calls out to both mothers and children. Check out L’zzie’s exclusive clothing collaborations with childhood favourites like Little Twin Stars and Mickey Mouse, which even feature a versatile, modern cheongsam dress with a detachable collar, that works well for both Chinese New Year and daily looks!

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Little Twin Stars Embroidery Shirt (Kids): S$49
Sizes vary.

#6 Dreams Avenue

dreams avenue

Dreams Avenue provides a reliable platform for parents to shop for children’s apparel from brands and non-brands all around the world. From Australian brand Huxbaby, which expands the minimalist fashion trend to children, to the US-based Hugo Loves Tiki, which creatively incorporates child-like drawings onto wearable apparel, you will undoubtedly be able to find an outfit that suits both you and child’s taste.

Get the look!
(Left) Huxbaby Shell Knit Cardi: S$74
(Middle) Hugo Loves Tiki Pink Rainbow Tank: S$49
(Right) Hugo Loves Tiki Ruffled Playsuit: S$75
Sizes are available for infants and children between 6 months to 6 years old.

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