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Why Is Massage Good For Babies?

Massages may seem uncommon to some, perhaps it is something you would only go for on a holiday to soothe those tired legs. For others it may be a staple in your routine, especially if you constantly suffer from aches and pains. But did you know that it is also highly beneficial for babies and their growth process?

Here are 3 reasons why massage is beneficial for babies:

1. Improves Growth

Babies need all the help to keep up with the various changes in their body. Massage stimulates various nerves in the body which helps with their growth, helping to improve joint development, strengthen their immune system and ease digestive problems like colic.

Tip: Using a massage oil will make it easier for you to massage your baby’s skin and be more relaxing for your baby. When massaging, always apply movements towards the heart and do not massage immediately after feeding. Try Sophie La Girafe’s organic certified Baby Oil that helps to moisturise and nourish the skin:

Sophie La Girafe Baby Oil

Sophie La Girafe Baby Oil, $35

 2. Improves Parent-Child Bond

The sense of touch is one of the first senses that a baby learns. By massaging your baby, parents will find that it instantly lifts your mood and builds a strong bond. During this quiet time you can also have a chat with your baby while maintaining eye contact, building up interaction that your baby will soon be familiar with.

Tip: Dads can also try their hand at massage to spend more time with your baby. Doing it after a bath would be ideal to prep for bedtime, simple gently squeeze the baby’s legs upward, same for her arms, and gently rub her belly in circular motions with your palms facing flat down.


3. Improves Brain Activity

As mentioned, massage affects many parts of the nervous system and it has also been found to stabilise brain activity. With a stable heart rate and improved brain development, the baby’s sleep cycle is also regulated and they enjoy a higher quality of sleep. The boost in activity also releases endorphins that stimulate your baby’s mood positively!

Tip: If you are not confident in your skills, try a baby massage workshop or engage a professional baby therapist to let your baby enjoy these benefits!


Want to try your hand at it? Check out these courses/workshops to improve your baby massage skills for a healthier, happier baby!

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