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More than the fun and excitement of splashing water with playmates and friends, swimming brings forth a lot of benefits and possibilities for your child. It’s a life skill that gives him an advantage both in social and even life-threatening situations.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider enrolling your child to a swimming class.

It promotes a healthy lifestyle

Think of swimming as your child’s first active sports experience. Exposing him to the practice early on gives him the opportunity to develop healthy lifestyle habits he can use whether he’s at school, in your community, or even at home if you have the luxury of a pool. Swimming is also a good activity for maintaining healthy weight and stronger body.

It makes him more confident

Swimming, as with other skills, gives your child the confidence to interact with people, join extracurricular activities in school, or even expand his interest as he grows older. There are a lot of activities he can eventually explore if he knows how to swim such as kayaking, triathlon, or scuba diving, among others. With this skill, he’s confident to try new things and take risks later in life. Kids who know how to swim tend to be more independent than non-swimmers, too.

It motivates him to achieve a goal

Aside from the physical benefits, learning how to swim also instills the importance of goal-setting in your child. Swimming classes teach kids smaller goals in order to fully enable a child to swim. These include learning how to breathe in the water or knowing how to float. Achieving these goals make children feel accomplished, which in turn boosts their self-esteem and motivates them even more.

It expands his social circle

Enrolling your child to a swimming class allows him to meet other kids who are also learning how to swim. This positive interaction is something that your child will remember even after his swimming lessons because of the kind of environment that swimming classes expose them to: playful, fun, and collaborative.

It can save his life

As much as you want to, you won’t be able to guard your child all the time especially as he grows old, takes vacations with friends, and joins swimming activities in school. According to the World Health Organization’s Global Report on Drowning, children aged one to four years account for the highest drowning rates globally, followed by children aged five to nine years. Knowing he knows how to swim will keep your worry away so that when faced with life-threatening situations, he can save himself and maybe, even others.

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