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Think your child got the moves? You might have seen dancing celebrity kids and dreamt of one day seeing your child shine on stage or even on television. But more than just fun and fame, dancing provides a host of benefits for children.

Learn how dancing aids different aspects of your child’s development:

It can improve your child’s memory and listening skills

Taking cue from the dance instructor is key to perfecting dance movements. Subjecting your child to a dance lesson will test her memory and listening skills. Does she pay attention to her instructor? Does she follow directions and apply the dance steps carefully? Improving these skills can also extend to her academic performance because she’s able to listen well and follow instructions.

It’s a productive hobby

Dance classes are a great and productive way to spend your child’s school holidays. Instead of her spending time in front of the screen—either playing games or watching videos—she’s out there meeting new friends, learning new moves, and discovering more about herself.

Dancing bolsters self-esteem

Knowing she has a skill or is good at something can give your child heightened self-confidence. This is especially true when she gets positive reinforcement from her instructors, her classmates, and even from you after a successful performance. It can also help your child overcome fear of performing in front of an audience, which goes a long way.

Your child gets to have regular exercise

Dancing is a great way for your child to stay physically active. It is a vigorous activity that will require her to move using different body parts. By staying active, your child is able to maintain healthy habits that will be beneficial for her as she grows older. It also improves her flexibility and promotes muscular endurance and body coordination.

It strengthens her social skills

Your child’s social life ought not to be limited within her school or neighbourhood. You can extend it by enrolling her to extra-curricular activities like dancing. This way, she gets to meet other kids with similar interests and be able to form friendships outside school. Some dance classes also promote teamwork—such as by pairing a child with another—which in turn gives your child a chance to learn with someone else.

It makes her more creative

Dancing gives children a venue to discover how music can be coordinated with movement. As dance is an art form, your child can also bring her own personality and creative expression into the dance floor regardless of the type of dance classes she’s enrolled in.

Bonus: An extra time for yourself!

You may use the time when your child is in a class to run some errands, pamper yourself, or just do whatever you need to do while your little one is out having fun and learning new skills.

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