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Smoking can be a difficult habit to let go but what better reason to quit than having your little one? Being a mum means you’re now responsible for another person’s life which should inspire you to make the right decisions not only for your health, but for your baby’s as well—starting with the decision to quit smoking.

If that isn’t enough motivation to be smoke-free, here are reasons that make quitting smoking the right thing to do.

#1 Smoking increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome

Cigarettes are composed of harmful chemicals, such as nicotine, that can also affect your baby.

A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics revealed that smoking even just one cigarette a day during pregnancy increases the risk of unexpected death in babies due to exposure to these toxins.

#2 It can lead to preterm birth

Preterm birth happens when your baby is born too early. In another study released on the JAMA Network Journals of the American Medical Association, a look at 25 million pregnant women yielded the finding that when you quit smoking, you also lower your chances of giving preterm birth. Consequences experienced by preterm babies include lifelong developmental problems such as mental retardation, delayed growth, and visual and hearing impairments, among others.

#3 Possibility of miscarriage is higher

The more you smoke, the more your risk of miscarriage increases by a rate of 1% per cigarette smoked every day, according to a study published on the American Journal of Epidemiology. The same study found that exposure to secondhand smoke during pregnancy raises the risk of miscarriage by 11%. Reasons include your child’s high susceptibility to damage, especially at the earliest stages of pregnancy, thinning of the lining of your uterus, and the effects smoking has on transporting oxygen and nutrients to the foetus.

#4 It causes lung problems to your baby

If you think your lungs are the only ones affected when you smoke during pregnancy, you’re mistaken. Pregnant smokers are also endangering their baby’s lungs, causing problems such as wheezing and asthma

#5 Quitting cigarettes lets you save more money

Take a moment to remember how much you’re spending for every cigarette you smoke. Calculate that to cover the entire nine months of your pregnancy and even after. By quitting smoking, you’re essentially saving more money, which you can spend on your baby’s needs instead.

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