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In today’s fast-paced and modern world, keeping our children to be ‘children’ can be a hard task. But it is necessary. Here’s why.

Are our kids growing up too fast? Some would say that they are, as compared to previous times. Childhood has always been fleeting, but it seems that it has become arguably shorter in the past few years. These days, children have access to so much more information and exposure to what you and I had in our era.

Having loads of knowledge at your fingertips (literally) may be a good thing, but to what extent? Are we jeopardising our children’s growth and development by hurrying them to become premature adults?

The Hurried Child Syndrome
Simply put, the hurried syndrome is a condition in which parents overschedule their children’s lives, push them hard for academic success, and expect them to behave and react as miniature adults. In the overly-competitive society we live in today, pressure is mounting everywhere, especially in schools for some children. “To be honest, I find it hard sometimes to help my son out in his homework, as the syllabus and what they’re currently learning is vastly different from what I learned back then. Maybe this is the newer way to teach kids, but I don’t remember having to learn algebra until I was in secondary school,” says Judy Tan, mother of two.

According to Dr. David Elkind, psychologist and renowned book author, parents should let children be children. In fact, his research suggests that students are more likely to have academic success if they are not hurried through their early childhood by parents who overestimate their competence and overexpose them to academic pressure.

Why Children Shouldn’t Be Rushed
Children are only children once. No matter how hard we try to rewind time, those precious years won’t come back. While it is completely alright for parents to teach kids to be matured (in the correct sense), responsible and independent, their childhood shouldn’t be taken away from them, as doing so can cause them to lose out on important developments. Here are 4 other important reasons.

  1. They need time to learn to do things on their own
    Parents need to accept the fact that some kids need to be given the opportunity to try and fail at new challenging activities, until they can master them.
  2. You might curb their curiosity and keep them from discovering their interests and passions
    If we keep rushing our kids from things as insignificant as noticing a beautiful stone on the pavement, or stopping to pet a puppy passing by, we are slowly numbing them to their inherent curiosity and their authentic interest in what is happening around them.
  3. They will find it hard to connect with their emotions
    When we constantly rush our kids from one activity to the next, we might not be allowing them enough time to process how they feel in response to whatever is happening in their day. Therefore, this absence can often create an emotional build-up; one that they might or might not be able to manage and deal with.
  4. It prevents you from being the parent you want to be
    By constantly rushing our kids through life, usually to keep up with planned activities or your own schedules, you are making things harder for yourselves. This is because when things don’t go your way, you will have less patience to nurture the kiddos and to listen and see them for\ who they are: their needs, their uniqueness, their character and their beautiful golden hearts.

At the end of the day, the moral of the story is to simply take it one step at a time, as doing so gives your child that space to develop to their best ability without being rushed to grow up. What are your thoughts on this? Leave us a comment down below.